A Hiker’s Guide to Evergreen’s Scenic Bear Mountain

As summer approaches, thousands of hikers and outdoor enthusiasts will flock to Evergreen’s Bear Mountain to take advantage of the serene and stunning nature that makes up the area. Located just outside of Evergreen, the mountain rises to an impressive 3,209 feet and is the perfect spot for a daylong or overnight hiking trip. Whether you’re a novice hiker or an experienced mountaineer, Bear Mountain offers enough of a challenge that everyone can find something exciting. Keep reading for a comprehensive guide to hiking Bear Mountain and all it offers. A good plan is the first item needed for a successful hiking expedition on Bear Mountain. It is essential to decide on a route and length before setting out to get the most out of the journey. Learn more here.

The mountain is the perfect location for a daylong outing, with trails that wind through the forest and lead to a gorgeous peak with sweeping views of the surrounding landscape. Numerous cabins and camping spots are also available for those who want to stretch their trip out a bit longer. Once a plan for the journey is formulated, a few items will be essential to have with you on the trail. Comfortable and sturdy shoes are an absolute must, as is a plentiful supply of food and snacks. A weather-resistant outer layer of clothing will come in handy if the temperature drops or rain comes pouring down. When the hike is finished, it’s a fantastic idea to take in the view of the surrounding landscape. All the tiredness that comes with hiking the mountain will be replaced with a sense of pride and accomplishment, knowing that the beautiful and natural sights of Bear Mountain were seen and ultimately conquered. Learn more about Exploring the Trails and Activities of Dedisse Park.