Embracing Its Wild West Roots; Exploring the Best of Lakewood, Colorado


Tucked away against the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and just west of Denver, the city of Lakewood, Colorado, has a lot to offer visitors and locals alike. From its Wild West history to its contemporary attractions, it remains an amazing place to explore. Lakewood’s roots are firmly entrenched in the Wild West. It was founded in 1889 as the “town in the fields.” Initially, Lakewood was a center for the cattle and sheep industry, along with a few gold mines. As the first settlers settled, so began the city’s long-standing history of agriculture and natural resources exploration. Information can be found here.

Today, Lakewood is spending its days in the modern era. It’s now regarded by many as an outdoor recreation mecca due to its close proximity to several parks and other outdoor attractions. Visitors can hike in Bear Creek Lake Park, horseback ride in White Ranch Park, and ride the rapids of Clear Creek. All three parks are just a short drive away and provide stunning views of the mountains and the Front Range. Aside from outdoor activities, the city of Lakewood offers many cultural attractions for visitors to explore. Visitors should not miss the Lakewood Heritage Center, which houses collections of artifacts that preserve the city’s history. It is also home to the Model T Garage, the first Ford dealership in Colorado, as well as many historical artifacts from the city’s earlier years. See here for information about Explore the Stunning Scenery and Exciting Activities of Golden, Colorado.