If you need a home loan to purchase your new home I would like to help guide you in this process. Before you begin your home buying process you need to speak with a mortgage lender to see how much of a loan you qualify for.  This will help both of us to identify the accurate price range of homes to show you.

Important Lender Advice

I highly recommend using a local Denver lender who has extensive experience with mountain homes. There are a lot of variables when dealing with mountain homes from the appraisal process to fire mitigation to insurance, etc that can make all the difference in you getting approved for the loan in a timely process.  Online lenders are very convenient but I highly encourage you not to work with them. If you were buying a traditional suburban home it would probably be okay but I don’t recommend it for buying a mountain home. I have seen many problems with loans not closing on time or problems arising that could have been averted if an experienced lender had been used.

Preferred Mortgage Lender

I recommend Mike Sadowski for all my mountain home loans. He is highly experienced with mountain homes and he is the in house lender for Keller Williams Foothills. What this means is that many agents trust him and he has a track record of getting our clients home loans at good rates and on time closings.  Give him a call to get a loan approval.

Mike Sadowski – Aslan Home Loans




Mountain Area Mortgage Loan Specialist

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