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How far is the drive from Evergreen to Denver?

Distance from Evergreen to Denver Commute

If you are considering moving to Evergreen you may be wondering if it is realistic to drive from Evergreen to Denver to get to and from work or for shopping.  First, I will say that It is very common for Evergreen residents to commute from Evergreen to Denver for work on a daily basis. In this article I will share with you the distance, drive times and info on how the weather may effect your commute and how often.  I will also share with you additional commuting resources like RTD bus and the Light Rail Station as alternative ways to commute.

Distance from Evergreen to Denver Commute

Note: All distances below are from central Evergreen. If you live in North Evergreen you are closer to I-70 and commute times will be less.

Central Evergreen to Colorado Mills Mall – 19.8 miles and a 26 minute drive

Central Evergreen to Federal Center Light Rail Station – 19 miles and a 26 minute drive

Central Evergreen to Denver International Airport – DIA – 51 miles and a 55 minute drive

Central Evergreen to Denver Tech Center – 37 miles and a 48 minute drive

Alternative Routes from Evergreen to Denver

My example above was based on the Evergreen to Denver via Highway 1-70 because that is the most popular route.  There are two other routes that you can use to get from Evergreen / Conifer to Denver.  The first one is Bear Creek Canyon – 74.  This route may be the best fit if you living in Central Evergreen because you don’t have to drive all the way up to I-70.  Bear Creek Canyon – 74 is a scenic two lane road that winds through the foothills as you make your way to Denver. It is a beautiful drive so you will get to enjoy the scenery on your drive.  If you live in South Evergreen, closer to Conifer then Highway 285 will be the best alternative to commute to Denver.

How will Winter weather effect your commute from Evergreen to Denver?

Winter weather in Evergreen is certainly something to take into consideration. While we do get snow in Evergreen, I will say that most of our snow comes in the Spring over a period of two months.  There will be a few days (10 or less) during the entire Winter where it may be best to leave early for work or work from home for the day.  If the snow storm occurs in the Spring then there is a very high chance that the sun will be out the next day and most of the snow will melt.  Road crews do an excellent job of snow plowing and maintaining the roads during the Winter. Overall I will say that the weather is not a major factor as long as your employer will give you a little flexibility in your schedule from time to time.  Click here to learn more about what Winter is like in Evergreen.

Is commuting to Denver for shopping a major ordeal?

Yes and no. One of the major reasons for living in the mountains is to be away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. The cost for that peacefulness is less convenience.  Overall you are only 19.8 miles and 26 minutes to the closest mall and movie theater.  Honestly, once you get used to living in Evergreen you will find that there are fewer reasons to travel to Denver. Amazon is your best friend. With Amazon Prime you can get just about anything you want delivered within 2 days.  Evergreen has most of what you will need on a daily basis from three grocery stores, Walmart, Home Depot, Walgreen’s, and plenty of restaurants.

RTD Park-n-Ride from Evergreen to Denver

RTD Park-n-ride Evergreen to Denver Commute

There are buses that will take you from Evergreen to Denver if you are looking for an alternative way to commute.  For North Evergreen there is a location at Bergen Park Park-n-Ride as well as El Rancho Park-n-Ride and Genesee Park-n-Ride. If you live in South Evergreen there is the Aspen Park Park-n-Ride.  All of these routes from Evergreen will take you to Federal Center Station.  From there you can catch the Light Rail into downtown Denver.

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